Perto Industrial Facility, Jaipur
JCB, Jaipur
JCB Ballabgarh
Havells India Ltd., Ghilot
TATA Cummins, Jamshedpur
Maintenance, Overhaul and Repair Facility, Bhiwadi
TATA Cummins, Pune
Jubilant Foodworks, Greater Noida
Asian Paints, Kasna
RUJ - Skill Development Centre, Jaipur
Havells India Ltd., Baddi
Choice Clothing, IMT Manesar

Industrial Architecture

A rapid growth in the country’s economy led to increased demand of goods and services, subsequently, surging a need for industrial architecture in India. Widespread industrialization across the Indian subcontinent has encouraged a wide range of industrial architecture and construction architecture development. Currently, world-class industrial building designs are striving to blend innovative technology and automated design to help the overall design and functionality of a facility.

The new age Industrial architecture design in India is at par with global standards. Incorporating technological innovations along with design that complements functionality, industrial building architecture is competing with its international counterparts in terms of design value and scale. The same is evident in CPKA’s designs of Tata Motors Limited in Lucknow, JCB’s facilities in Jaipur and Ballabhgarh and Petro Industrial Facility in Jaipur, to name a few.

At CPKA we are devoted to industrial building designs that are unique, depending on their purpose and business models. Our industrial design architecture is usually characterised by designing with regards to a site’s context, planning keeping in mind the resources available at the site, incorporating open spaces into the built and unbuilt aspects of the facility along with having well-defined plans and high ceilings. In addition, our modern industrial developments follow a minimalist aesthetic that prioritizes functionality more than their ornamental values. Having said that, by the use of colours and unconventional materials, we consciously work towards a design that is harmonious and does not reflect like a typical and monotonous industrial design. We pride ourselves on our industrial building projects in India with sufficient natural lighting. There is also a higher prevalence of eco-friendly, sustainable construction, and worker safety.

As one of the firms recognized for contributing as industrial architects in Delhi NCR over the past 50 years, we have taken pride in being able to advance industrial building design in the country. Some of our most notable contributions to the world of industrial architecture include, but are not limited to, Tata Cummins industrial facilities located in Pune and Jamshedpur; Havells India’s offices in Ghiloth, Baddi, Neemrana and their production and warehouse facilities across the country. Our multi-disciplinary approach to industrial design has allowed us to explore futuristic, innovative designs, vernacular and sustainable architecture, and associated design practices. We have and continue to take India forward with our sustainable practices and design innovations.

Having been in the industry for over five decades now, we have been a part of the most significant housing projects- ranging from private residences to residential societies to large-scale townships. Each project for us brings new opportunity to design a unique concept which instills a distinct identity to it. Be it the vernacular aesthetics in HPCL Barmer Township, the humungous scale of Persian art work in Feroze Shah Apartments, the characteristic semi-circular arched openings in Aradhana apartments or the curvaceous form of the award-winning Eldeco Apartments, we curate residential projects keeping the occupants in mind and providing them with the best residential experience. C P Kukreja Architects is one of the leading names as an architectural design firm in the country, specializing in industrial projects. They have the knowledge, experience and resources needed to provide assistance in industrial designs and developing the most functional designs. The company is adept at providing Design, Engineering, HVAC and Project Management services for industrial projects. Today, CPKA’s diverse portfolio has ranked their standing for being the best industrial architects in Delhi and the country. With an increased awareness of the impact of architecture on the climate, there is a widespread movement towards sustainable architecture in India. CPKA is one of the famous architects in India who have been incorporating this ideology in their designs since the very beginning of the practice. Each design begins with careful studies of the sun movement, wind direction, rainfall study, ground temperature analysis etc. During the design development wall, roof, glass, window-to-wall ratio, shading devices are carefully considered and incorporated. Renewable design and energy options are kept at the fore-front making green architecture a stronghold of CPKA. A dedicated Sustainability Studio carries out studies for the same using advanced simulation tools.