Havells India Ltd, Baddi


Being the premier brand of MCB (miniature circuit breaker) manufacturing in the country, the design of Havells India Limited at Baddi, in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, needed to reflect a futuristic vision combined with archetypal design sensibilities. This industrial project consisted of new production facilities for manufacture of electrical low-voltage components like electrical switches, sockets, panels, MCBs, etc. The Master Plan respects the natural undulating setting of the site. With an aim to bring about a balance in the design, the design character of the facility reflects a modern architectural language and exposes materials in their raw state without any adornment. The façade instills an element of repetition through imposing brick-clad columns, alternating with tinted and expansive spans of curtain glazing. This transparent membrane transmits optimum daylight inside the facility, whilst also complementing with lightness, the otherwise sturdy yet robust character, of the bricks.

Location: Baddi, Himachal Pradesh
Completed: 1996 and 2009
Site Area: 457,380 square feet and 413,820 square feet
Built-Up Area: 275,000 square feet and 300,000 square feet