Power Grid Corporation, Gurugram


Headquarters of the Power Grid Corporation of India Limited is located in the Central Business District of Gurugram. The multi-storeyed office complex with two basements has a built-up area of 3,50,000 sq. ft. The centrally air-conditioned facility has been designed as a state-of-theart, intelligent building. It has been fitted with all the accoutrements of technology, including BMS, solar-power heating, etc. It also includes office space for a minimum capacity of 900 employees, and these office spaces have been organized according to an open plan. An octagonal design of the building enables all sides to be exposed to natural daylight, removing the possibilities of dark and dingy corners in the office. It also encloses the space efficiently, minimizing the external surface area and, consequently, the heat loss and gain, building costs, etc. In addition, it has a circular corridor in the centre, resting under the roof’s dome. The atrium so created fosters vertical transparency between different floors.

Location: Gurugram, Haryana
Site Area: 196,020 square feet
Built-Up Area: 350,000 square feet
Completed: 2002