Omaxe Heights, Lucknow


Lucknow is an upcoming smart city, set to witness a large scale of urban development. The idea of Omaxe Heights was refreshing since it was conceptualized to develop as a holistic residential space. With a well thought out typology, its residential towers have been planned around a central open space that acts as the focal point of the site. The residences are flower-shaped in design which opens up the visual span on all sides. The form of the towers is such that it allows adequate daylight and also controls passive cooling in the residences. The apartments of each tower open out on three different sides, maintaining privacy for residents on the same floors. The two top floors of the towers have an extended slab, and a supporting pergola curving around the edges and crowning the buildings, enabling the overall character of the society with a unique element.

Location: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Site Area: 435,600 square feet
Built-Up Area: 1,000,000 square feet
Completed: 2009