Statue of Oneness, Omkareshwar


The Statue of Oneness will be 108 ft tall, multi-metal statue of Acharya Shankar and is to be placed facing the river Narmada towards the south atop a hill popularly known as Mandhata Parvat. It will be placedon a 27 feet high Lotus petal base over a 54 feet high pedestal. The sole height of the statue from thebase, i.e. paduka till the apex, will be 108 feet. The Lotus petal base will be made in stone & the constitution of statue will be done using variouscomposite multi-metals, preferably bronze. The space underneath the pedestal will be used as ameditation hall “Shankar Nidhi- Dhyasan Kendra.”

Location: Omkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh
Year: Ongoing
Site Area: 55 Acres