India Pavilion at the World’s Biggest Architectural Expo 2020 in Dubai

India’s architectural heritage and innovation was once again at the center stage at the world architecture Expo 2020 held in Dubai. Although the pavilion opened for visitors on 1st October 2021, almost a year later than planned due to the pandemic, the site has received huge footfall ever since. More than 3.25 lakh visitors have already visited the India Pavilion, which is more than any other pavilion at the World Expo Dubai 2020. The Indian Pavilion Expo 2020 is built around the official theme of ‘Openness. Opportunity. Growth.”, showcasing 11 primary sub-themes to include our perspective on, climate and biodiversity, urban and rural development, tolerance and inclusivity, knowledge and learning, health and wellness, agriculture and livelihoods, travel and connectivity, space exploration, water conservation, global goals, and the golden jubilee celebration of Indian independence.

Claiming a prime spot at Expo Dubai 2021, the India Pavilion is located adjacent to the ‘Opportunity’ District, in the Al Forsan Park. India Pavilion’s architectural design has received praise from world over for its artistic vision and presentation. It has also been termed as ‘one of the most iconic designs’ of the World Expo Dubai 2021 by an international architectural jury. Moreover, India Pavilion is among the three pavilions which will be retained on the expo ground after the event concludes later this year.

Significance of India Pavilion’s Design

As principal architects of the project, our aim was to juxtapose India’s architectural past, present, and future showcasing how both old and new design and technologies can coexist and complement each other. Every level of the four-story building represents our country’s progress in architecture and science while also displaying the cultural diversity and business potential.

The Pavilion stands on a 1.2 acre with a façade made of over 600 rotating panels which makes it one of the best designed pavilions in Dubai Expo. During daytime, the panels create a mesmerizing effect for the onlookers. The metal blocks are painted in natural stone colors that are found all over India, such as White Marble, Red Kherara and more.

At night, the innovative façade at Dubai Expo turns into a giant digital screen, retelling India’s most cherished cultural stories to the world. The India Pavilion also celebrates 75 years of Independence with new stories every week portraying India’s vision and mission of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Inside the pavilion, visitors can enjoy an immersive VR experience powered by AI technologies that offers a virtual tour of India through the Ages.

As it stands, the India Pavilion represents one of the most creative pavilions in the Dubai Expo 2022 and will continue to remind the world of the rising hopes and aspirations of a New India. The pavilion will be repurposed for cultural and government use after the Dubai Expo ends in March 2022.

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