Deciphering Design With Dikshu

Adventures in the realm of design Design, a word that holds the entire world together. It's the first thing you see when you wake up. It's there when you close your eyes. The pattern of your footsteps, the painting on the wall, the roads you take, the wheels that take you to places, everywhere! It’s a journey of the spilled ink in your head, taking concrete shapes. Imagining, reimagining, the landscape of life. These designs are a part of every conversation.

But, what is design? What makes it happen?

Presenting for the first time, the answer to all your questions. Have a seat, and grab it tight.

DECIPHERING DESIGN WITH DIKSHU, the most awaited conversation between extraordinary curators and designers of their industries.

We see design in every passing moment of our lives. It is what adds beauty, functionality and joy to everyday living. However, it is something we take for granted and very rarely stop to appreciate its quintessential joys and intelligence. For this reason we are coming up with a breakthrough show, ’Deciphering Design With Dikshu’ in collaboration with NewsX, hosting the leading global personalities who have an affinity to design. The intent of this series is to deconstruct and explore the different facets of design that we see in our styles of living, in our heritage, culinary art, fashion, transport, music, highlighting how we experience design in our lives and its significance.

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This is your show as a design enthusiast, to catch Master Architect Dikshu C. Kukreja, candid, raw, and in conversation with his guests - Sussanne Khan, Tarun Tahiliani, Gautam Singhania, Manish Mehrotra, Jay Panda, Sunil Munjal, His Highness Shri Yaduveer KC Wadiyar, Maharaja of Mysore, and His Excellency Andre do Lago, Ambassador of Brazil. Does it get any better than this?

Well, it does!

Book all your Saturday nights, and watch Deciphering Design with Dikshu, only on NewsX.

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