Unitech Club Patio, Gurugram


Nirvana Business Zone is an IT complex for Unitech Limited, completed by the Architects in 2014. The design brief challenged the Architects to create independent leasable office modules ranging from areas as small as 1,000 sq. ft., to a single user requiring 4,50,000 sq. ft. The highly awkward shape of the 6-acre site added to the challenge. The design resolve was an ensemble of three connected towers of staggering volumes, which could be distinct yet one functional space. The site expands in a linear manner and is located perpendicular to the main road. The narrow site opening from the main road prompted the Architects to offset the towers inwardly into the site, allowing dense trees to create a barrier around it. The variation in heights of the three glass-boxed towers imparts a visual break in the skyline exhibiting a character of its own.

Location: Gurugram, Haryana
Completed: 2014
Site Area: 261,360 square feet
Built-Up Area: 450,000 square feet