TATA Motors Limited, Lucknow


TATA Motors Limited (TML), Lucknow, is set up in the Chinhut Industrial Area with the Deva Road cutting the plot into almost two halves, giving rise to Eastern and Western facilities. Initially, the Eastern facility was proposed to be developed as a residential area for the facility’s staff. With the rise of development in and around Lucknow, TML suggested the land be developed as an industrial unit and an extension to their Western facility. Some peculiar land revenue issues incurred extremely high taxes on the Client. To resolve this, the Architects proposed to design and develop a flyover for a private enterprise over a state highway connecting both the facilities. Such a design proposal was the first of its kind and was appreciated for its fearless engineering resolve. This flyover is about 1,000 metres in length, 12 metres in width and rises to a full height of about 8 metres over the highway. Its conceptualization and design are an engineering feat, along with easing the movement of goods, and since then have been lauded across various disciplines.

Location: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Completed: Phase-1 in 1992 and Phase-2 in 2005
Site Area: 28,314,000 square feet
Built-Up Area: 3,500,000 square feet