Spirit Global Mall


Spread over an area of 4,00,000 sq. ft., this shopping mall has a hypermarket, anchor stores, retail, food court and an entertainment centre. The building is planned as a multilevel facility with an interestingly designed atrium which connects the various levels and is staggered in different parts of the complex. The pleated outlook of the façade reflects an abstract, deconstructive demeanour for the building, instilling a playfulness in the design. The concept for the project sought to break the monotonous and flat image associated with mall designs by chiseling the edges of the façade. The deconstruction in the design was translated onto planning as well, creating an interesting path for indoor circulation. The wired and irregular façade reflects as a precious stone supported by an intricate pattern of jaali, which cocoons the mall and creates a playful ambience of filtered natural light in the building. The building’s skin stands as one of the highlights of the design and helped the Architects to achieve a unique and iconic distinction for the mall.

Location: Ludhiana, Punjab
Site Area: 174,240 square feet
Built-Up Area: 400,000 square feet