Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi


Easy access is one of the most important criteria when selecting the site for a hospital, and Sir Ganga Ram City Hospital clearly ticks off that box by the virtue of its location in the very heart of Delhi. However, due to the increasing population in the capital city, it became imperative to ensure that the hospital could meet the rapidly accelerating medical needs of its patients. So, a proposal was made for an extension of the hospital, to make it better equipped for the future. The design challenge was to revitalize, modernize and expand one of India’s most respected medical facilities. Sir Ganga Ram City Hospital is truly an iconic institution, but one which had become outdated with crumbling buildings and infrastructure over the years. A comprehensive design strategy was developed not just to create new buildings but also to build a number of additional facilities and amenities for doctors, staff, patients and visitors. Buildings which could not be torn down were carefully renovated while ensuring there were no operational hindrances on floors below, above or adjacent to the area being renovated.

Location: New Delhi
No. of beds: 800
Site Area: 522,720 square feet
Completed: 2009
Built-Up Area: 800,000 square feet