Parsvnath Commercial Complex, Lucknow

Commercial/ Hospitality/ Retail

If Mumbai is known for being India’s financial capital, then Lucknow has earned the honour and privilege of being the country’s cultural capital. Renowned for its culture, heritage and hospitality, the city retains its old-world charm with its havelis and heritage bungalows, but its more urbane face can be seen in the burgeoning real-estate development. Over the last few years, Lucknow has steadily gained the reputation of being a new hotspot for investment in North India. The city earmarked a precinct, Gomti Nagar, as an area for development, led primarily by private real estate developers. The Architects had the privilege of working on three distinct projects abutting each other, Parsvnath Planet being one such project with 15 lakh sq. ft. built-up area for mixed-use development. The design consists of nine buildings, representing the nine planets, planned in crescent formation and circling a commercial hub.

Location: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Completed: 2019
Site Area: 435,600 square feet
Built Area Up: 1,500,000 square feet