Makino India Pvt. Ltd, Gurugram


Makino India Private Limited has been executed for Makino, Japan, a global brand leading in metal cutting and manufacturing technology. To ease communication between engineers and supervisors from India to Japan, learning the techniques and technology of Makino, and returning to the country to assemble, sell and export the machines, the owners decided to set up a training facility in Manesar. The Technology Centre at Manesar, Gurugram, consists of manufacturing areas with a 20-metre span, a large administration block with training and seminar rooms for sale and export of machine tools, CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) systems, FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) cutter and tool grinding machines, and other equipments. The complex was designed as per the stringent Japanese bye-laws for manufacturing areas.

Location: Manesar, Haryana
Site Area: 87,120 square feet
Built-Up Area: 40,000 square feet
Completed: 2006