Maitreyi College at Delhi University, New Delhi


Maitreyi College, established in 1987, is located in the prestigious Chanakyapuri area of Delhi. It is one of the constituent colleges of University of Delhi’s South Campus, and therefore, draws from an urban design layout that is commonly identifiable. It is part of a larger urban statement that forms the design vision of Chanakyapuri. The college campus is flanked by plots of international embassies, all of which follow the urban layout of ‘villas in the garden’. The landscape plan also followed the ‘urban Below: The front façade of Maitreyi College with its iconic arched windows. Gardens’ typology – its basic structure is defined by a central court, which all buildings of the campus can look into. The physical solidity of the buildings is balanced with the void created by the open spaces, bringing harmony into the design. The building also uses solid blocks with deep arches, creating an interesting interplay of light and shade, which changes as the sun moves.

Location: Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
Completed: 1987
Site Area: 435,600 square feet
Built-Up Area: 400,000 square feet