Bihar Police Academy, Rajgir


The Police Academy at Rajgir, Bihar, was envisioned to help design a training institute for the members of the Indian Police Force, one of the main Defence Services in India. The project site for the proposed Academy sprawls over an area of 133 acres in the suburbs of Rajgir. The site has an influence of splendid bio-diversity owing to the Plant Wildlife Sanctuary which is situated less than 10 kms away. For the same reason, the site provides a challenge of preserving the existing sensitive environmental system of the geographical setting where it is based. However, the natural setting also provides unparalleled scenic beauty for the campus proposed. The contoured and uneven landscape design provide an opportunity to be used for regular exercises and activities required during police training.

Location: Rajgir, Bihar
Site Area: 5,793,480 square feet
Completed: 2018