Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida

Location: Greater Noida
Site Area: 285 Acre
Built Up Area: 1,800,000 sq.ft.

The Shiv Nadar University was planned to incorporate a “compact urbanism”, where the academic blocks are placed in short distances from each other to encourage walking and cycling. The close circuit of buildings is stitched harmoniously together by means of a vibrant public space network. This comprises of a central spine, which is punctuated intermittently with plazas and courts to create a variety in experiences and also control the hierarchy of activities. A large, central “Maidan” or field becomes the center of all social activity and interaction, integrating all the various blocks within the campus. Many of the natural depressions within the site were designed to be reservoirs for water harvesting, considering the dry geography of Greater Noida. The largest of these depressions is now an Eco lake at one end of the site, from which water channels radiate and flow beside the academic blocks with fountains and shallow pools. Tree-lined visual corridors further interlink the various zones of the site and enhance the quality of the campus experience.

Shiv Nadar University has a strength of 7500 students and over 600 faculty and administrative members.

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