NIIT University, Rajasthan

Location: Neemrana, Alwar.
Site Area: 75 Acres

The NIIT University, nestled in the Aravali hills, is a benchmark for sustainable and environmental friendly design for institutional buildings. An extensive research into the hydrological mapping and watersheds within the contoured site was carried out to narrow down the most viable, least ecologically disturbing option for a master plan. Cut and fill was kept to a minimum. Natural depressions were transformed into an amphitheater and a sports arena, while the built form seems to arise out of the undulating ground.

Owing to the hot, arid climate in Rajasthan, vernacular architectural elements such as sunshades and recessed windows have been used. A minimal vehicular network was designed to reduce the impermeable surfaces on the ground as well as reduce the heat island effect caused by any asphalt. Instead, NIIT celebrates its terrain by stressing on a comfortable walking experience amidst the beauty of its natural surroundings. A shaded pedestrian spine runs through the site, which interlinks all the major zones of the University, thereby creating a vibrant, active campus environment. To reinforce the importance of the landscape, more than 10,000 trees were planted on site.

NIIT, Rajasthan can accommodate 10,000 students and also features residential zones for the students and faculty. This University achieved a LEED Platinum rating and is an example of ecologically sensitive architecture and master planning

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