IP School, Bhopal

Location: Bhopal
Site area: 20 Acres
Built Up Area: 450,000 sq.ft

IP School in Bhopal combines the old world charm of the neo-classical style with modern architecture and a touch of the traditional vernacular vocabulary using lattices and overhangs. This unique blend of styles is an interesting interpretation of how Indian architecture has borrowed from various influences through the ages as a result of its rich past and links with diverse cultures through trade and political conquest.

The school has been planned around a system of courtyards, with colonnaded corridors opening out into them. These courtyards are richly landscaped with colorful mosaic patterns, shaded sitting spaces, planters and shallow meandering streams. The use of locally abundant building materials like brick and stone has been emphasized. The school is also highly energy efficient as it is built using passive design measures to encourage natural lighting and ventilation.

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