Indian Institute Of Management, Lucknow

Location: Lucknow
Site Area: 200 Acres

Lucknow is a city with a very distinct, rich socio-cultural and architectural heritage. From Imambaras to palaces to buildings for the common man, the climate sensitive planning and use of earthly materials that celebrates the ruggedness of locally abundant clay bricks and stone inspired the design of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

The campus has been planned to behave as a series of enclosed and open spaces, thereby creating diverse experiences within the site. Courts, terraces, atriums, pavilions and colonnades all try to emulate and reinterpret the traditional architecture of Lucknow, which focuses on the interplay of solids and voids. Kota stone, a locally available material, has been used alongside bricks to bring out the rustic quality that is commonly associated with buildings here. Marble patterns and lattices provide relief from the roughness of the Kota stone, and as a result, the quality of the overall aesthetics of the campus has been achieved at a remarkably low construction cost. Static and flowing water bodies create an element of interest and fluidity among the solid masses of the academic buildings.

The academic complex has seminar rooms, a library, auditorium, computer center and research and conference facilities. the campus also boasts of accommodation for up to 2000 students and more than 500 faculty members. This project was selected as the best designed IIM for its planning and infrastructure.

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