Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida

Location: Greater Noida
Site Area: 500 Acres
Built Up Area: 8,000,000 sq.ft

For Gautam Buddha University, the ratio and proportions of the image of “Buddha in meditation” were considered to derive a rhythmically knitted pattern with strong connectivity, network and space organization. We created a dense forest at the entrance that acts as a visual and sound buffer. It creates an evident difference in environment, as the tranquility within the campus is a stark juxtaposition to the chaotic frenzy outside. The academic and faculty blocks are arranged in a radially along the Central Promenade Axis, which culminates at the feet of a magnificent statue of Buddha himself. A meditation center, with its somber domed form echoes the architectural symbolism of a stupa. It was designed to visually tie the earth with the sky when viewed in the horizon. Features like water recycling through lakes and water bodies, natural lighting and ventilation, locally sourced materials and traditional elements like lattices, sunshades and domes allowed us to further establish a strong link with the natural environment.

Gautam Buddha University was bestowed with the title of “Best Sustainable Campus” by BUILD 2016 Architecture Awards, London.

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