Delhi Public School, Gurgaon

Location: Gurgaon
Built Up Area: 450,000 sq.ft.

DPS International portrays the old world charm that is commonly associated with institutional buildings by borrowing from the neo-classical architectural vocabulary. The campus embodies an expression of timelessness. Keeping with the classical orders and proportions, the ground floor of all the blocks has been partially sunk, and the top floor slanted, creating dormer windows. To further accentuate the character of this campus, a clock tower has been introduced as an urban marker within the site. Another focal point within the campus is a large courtyard, which is a major center of public interaction and socialization among the students and faculty members.

By creating several smaller building blocks rather than a consolidated mass, open spaces could be introduced within the buildings and thereby allow segregation of activities and separate play areas for the little children and older boys and girls. Giving the students an opportunity to reconnect with nature was of paramount importance to the overall scheme of the design.

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