BM Munjal University, Gurgaon

Location: Gurgaon
Site Area: 50 Acres

The BM Munjal University in Haryana has a number of villages like Kapdiwas, Joniwas, Siddrawali, Mao and Maipura in its vicinity. Inspired by the scenic beauty of this context, our vision for the campus was to create something that would be able to blend in rather than become an alien insertion in the area. Yet, the aim was not to blindly ape tradition on a superfluous level, but to bring what is vernacular into the 21st century. The master plan therefore adopted the principles of compact planning, which is intrinsic to a rural setting. This ensured that the distances between the building blocks remain short, walkable distances, thus encouraging pedestrian movement. The campus is planned around a common courtyard-like space- another aspect that is deeply rooted in the indigenous style of planning. This courtyard is a vibrant multi functional space, and its flexible usage can range from outdoor classes to a social and cultural hub. The architectural vocabulary exhibits a refreshing modernism with its use of concrete, brick, steel and glass.

The University has an intake of 10000 students and has 800 faculty members.

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